NACE Inspections – Are You Being Inspected For Good Quality?

August 23, 2021 0 Comments

NACE Inspections – Are You Being Inspected For Good Quality?

Nace inspections (National Association of Home Inspectors) is a necessary nace inspections with ease part of the mortgage process, but most people do not understand the legal requirements to perform such an inspection. Generally, any home that is being sold in a “first position” will need to undergo an inspection no matter how high or low the price of the property. It is not simply a matter of having the property assessed and having the inspector take a look at it. The person who sells the home is not exempt from paying for this service, nor is the seller. In order to perform such an inspection, the person who sells must have a copy of the report, a written statement from the National Association of Home Inspectors declaring that the home has been inspected by such a group, and a bond with an insurance provider. It is also required that the inspector have the consent of the buyer to perform the inspection.


There are many different types of residential inspections available; however, all inspections require that certain things be done. First, homes must possess a valid NACE Registration number. It is also required that inspections conducted by this organization are full containment audits. Any inspection activity that does not fit into these guidelines must possess valid reason and complete documentation that support the claim.


Commercial businesses, such as factories and warehouses do not generally need a NACE Registration number, but they still need to perform inspections. Such inspections are called structural coating inspections and cannot be performed unless structural coating has been applied to the building. Structural coating inspection is usually performed by non-N ACE inspectors. In addition, any building that is used for manufacturing or processing must have a valid International Industrial Coating Directory.

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