Bottled Water and Drinking Water Safety Concerns From Research and Experiences of a Licensed Plumber

July 6, 2021 0 Comments

This article will discuss Bottled Water vs Tap Water, a common debate among bottled water fanatics. The debate revolves around the dangers of the plastic bottles themselves; however, what people really don’t understand is that the source (the bottle) is the one causing all the problems. A great example of this is the plastic bottles that you use to Drink Cool out of. Now, I admit it, I have used those in the past, but they have caused some real problems.

If You Do Not (Do)bottled Water Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later

Bottled water can Leach contaminants even when left in a hot heat. One of the reasons is because the plastic bottle is not sealed properly, thus allowing the contamination to leak into the bottled water, and then to ultimately find its way out into your glass when you drink it. Another problem is that most bottled water is only a few degrees warmer than tap water, so the leaching doesn’t take place as long. Also, she said, plastic is generally made up primarily of polymer-based compounds, or chemically bonded molecules, which are broken down very quickly when heated up.

There is a new kind of purification process on the market that could solve both of these problems for us. I call it the “Mixing Brush” technology. Here’s how it works: the mixing brush is a cylindrical device with a flat bottom, like a giant screwdriver. All the sediment – the microorganisms, bacteria, etc. – can be collected and eliminated from the bottle. Also, because the bottle is a closed unit, no direct contact with the contaminant occurs, eliminating any potential for long term contamination with contaminants left over from municipal water treatment.

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